I love to paint but I really don’t do it often enough, I use the excuse of needing a large white washed studio drenched in northern light with a hundred paint colours and a life model of my own… while that would be wonderful, I can paint in my room, from photos far more often than I do.

Hopefully more paintings will appear here in the new year…



4 Responses to “Paintings”

  1. Love the one with the kids on the beach Alice.

  2. It massive ! Like 1.5 x 1.9m (ish) !

  3. 3 michele turner

    hi sweetie pie
    wonderful wonderful work you are doing. can i still afford anything?
    come and stay and holiday and paint for me, come soon, take a break and draw over here! look up pontlevoy, my village on google and look at the photos or find me on facebook, and come over. i so want some of your work. i’m sure i could sell some of it over here, plenty of room for an exhibition here, my sitting room is huge and in the centre of town. come!

  4. I really like the colours you use. Very unique style.

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